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What Is Black Intimacy?

A necessary empathic practice, BLACK INTIMACY, is the unapologetic centering & celebration of Black joy, Black dignity, Black pleasure, Black RESToration, and Black imagination. 

Why Intimacy education is necessary

We define intimacy as familiarity and closeness, encompassing all relationships and communication. Learning how to practice consent, boundaries and empathy is key to individual and collective healing. 

What we are doing about it.

Black Intimacy Consent Collective works to help diversify accessibility for intimacy training - opening doors for non-intimacy professionals and redistributing resources and funds to Black people.

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Who are we?

Advocates for education

Black Intimacy Consent Collective is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Our function is to provide valued educational resources on intimacy, consent, boundaries and empathy that can be implemented into daily practices of wellness, relationships, business and intrapersonal communication.

Black Intimacy Consent Collective Logo

Our Values


The wellness industry for many years has excluded Black and Brown people from conversations on intimacy and consent. Black Intimacy Consent Collective is  the first organization formed to center those conversations around our community.


As a collective we understand that empathy, vulnerability, tenderness and proper resources are necessary to bring about individual and collective change through holistic consent practices. 


By design, Black Intimacy Consent Collective, is modeled to invite sustainable engaged connections while reconstructing financial models for wellness in partnership with community.


To provide services, education, resources and events for Black folx, advancing consent culture with a focus on our core values: community, care & compassion.

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A home for a collective of advocates engaging in intimacy and consent work centering Black people and their lived experience.

Black Intimacy Consent Collective Logo
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